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Most cakes allude to a particular shape, like Angel food cake, which is shaped round and riveted with a hole in the center. Or something as classic as sheet cake, which is often used for birthday celebrations, anniversaries or retirement parties. There is an abundance of different styles that cakes can take their shapes from. Some cakes, like cupcakes, are made in smaller portions and are designed for individual servings. Other, bigger cakes, like wedding cakes, are made for larger gatherings, often ceremonies where they are cut up and served to those who are attending the event.

Some common cake shapes include:

  • Layer cakes – these cakes are often baked in a pan that is called a spring form pan. Then they are decorated, usually by icing each individual layer and then stacking the layers on top of one another to create the desired effect.
  • Sheet cakes – these are some of the most common and popular cakes, especially in the United States. They tend to the be the most simplistic of all cakes that you can bake. Simple sheet pans are used to bake them (usually shaped like rectangles), and the finished cake is then cut up into squares for individual servings.
  • Cupcakes and madeleines – are smaller cakes that are baked in special pans that have the shapes already formed in the pan. The batter is poured into the pans where it is baked into the cake. After cooling, the cakes are removed from the pan and usually frosted and decorated for individual servings.
  • Bundt cakes – H. David Dalquist is credited with the invention of the Bundt pan in 1950, securing the first patent on it for his company, Nordic Ware Bundt Pans. Interestingly enough, this riveted and oddly shaped, round pan was actually originally pioneered for the Minneapolis Center of the Hadassah Society. The organization wanted to contract Dalquits to make a pan that could allow for them to more easily cook Kugel, a Jewish delicatessen. After adding some more folds to the pan to make for the easy cutting of slices, viola: The Bundt cake came to fruition.
  • Swiss roll cakes – also called jelly rolls in the United States, are created by using a common sheet pan. Sponge cake batter is spread evenly across the pan and baked. After baking, the filling is spread over the cake and it is rolled and then cut up into individual servings.
  • Cake Balls – these delicious and scrumptious bites of cake are created by mixing the batter as desired and then using either a melon scooper (for smaller cake balls) or an ice cream scooper (for larger cake balls) to form the ball, which is then placed upon a cookie sheet to bake.
  • Wedding cakes – the first wedding cake is thought to have been made for Queen Victoria’s son, Prince Leopold, in 1882. It was made of layers of different cakes that were baked in boxes that were shaped similar to that of box hats. However, it is of importance to culinary history to note that pillars were not added to separate the tiers until during the early part of the 20th century.
  • Layer Cake

    Layer Cake

    A layer cake is a cake consisting of multiple layers, usually held together by frosting or another type of filling, such as jam or other preserves.

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  • Sheet Cake

    Sheet Cake

    A sheet cake is a cake baked in a large, flat rectangular pan such as a sheet pan or a jelly roll pan.

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  • Cupcake


    A cupcake (British English: fairy cake; Australian English: patty cake or cup cake) is a small cake designed to serve one person [...]

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  • Madeleine


    The madeleine or petite madeleine is a traditional small cake from Commercy and Liverdun, two communes of the Lorraine region in northeastern France.

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  • Bundt Cake

    Bundt Cake

    A bundt cake is a dessert cake that is baked in a bundt pan, shaping it into a distinctive ridged ring. The d in "bundt" is assimilated into the t.

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  • Swiss Roll

    Swiss Roll

    A Swiss roll or jelly roll is a type of sponge cake roll. The thin cake is made of eggs, flour and sugar and baked in a very shallow rectangular [...]

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